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Andy and his songwriting partner Mark Salamone have recently collaborated with several more songs with Bella Fyntae including " Round And Round", " Midnight Train To Jersey" , "Ghost", and "Your Greatest Moment" (featuring Morris (Joe) Vivona ) . All songs are now on iTunes . " Your Greatest Moment' is being considered for an upcoming motion picture release. Andy has also been collaborating with composer/songwriter/pianist/actor Quentin Fielding on a new , soon to be released single. In addition, Andy and Mark were in the studio recording with saxophonist Darryl Dixon (who has recorded and toured with Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Police, Sting, Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder , mention a few) working on a new single featuring Andy's daughter Gina Rajeckas and Rocco Costanza on vocals. Gina is a 17 year old singer/songwriter in her own right and Andy is currently producing her and working on her first album.

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