1. Someone There

From the recording Someone There


Someone There Copyright 2003 Andy Rajeckas
If the sun doesn’t shine
And your world starts closing down
And the joy you once had
Just doesn’t seem to be around

Don’t give up, don’t give in
Don’t throw yourself to the ground
Help is coming it’s on its way
Because you have now been found.

There’ll be someone there
One who really cares
It’s your answered prayer
I’ll be right there beside you.

You are not alone
You are going home
Just keep holding on
I’ll be right there behind you.

You should never fear
You won’t disappear
I am always here
“Cause my heart always finds you.
And the safest place
Is the holy space
That we all embrace
That is in and around you always, always.

Dry your eyes, you can breathe
Make sure you take the time you need
Let that weight roll off your shoulders
And pass it over here to me.

There’s a light around you
A door that will never close
Help is coming, it’s on its way
And I want you to always know


Spread your wings and fly
There’s a wide and open sky
Nothing will hold you down
As we who love you gather round


Like the seasons that must change
Your journey now begins again.